Ramsgate: Nothing to see here

Part of the fun of watching the opposition is working out when to see them play. The plan usually starts neat and tidy but quickly falls apart, heralding the creation of complicated colour-coded spreadsheets.

Which was why I was heading to Ramsgate to watch their game against Hastings United, even though we weren’t due to play Hastings for another eight games. A chance to see them locally.

Or so I thought.

For reasons beyond me, Ramsgate decided they would position their team benches in such a way that they would totally obscure the view of half the pitch for anyone sitting anywhere in the main stand.

Here’s the view.

Is this the worst view in Step 4 football?

This might have been deliberate, a ploy to disguise a dreadful performance perhaps. “Seriously folks, it’s better you can’t see this.”

But Ramsgate right now are good. You want to see them. Especially when they play like they did to beat title favourites Hastings United. So get there early to get a place standing at the back. Which is where I was, trying to blend in with the regulars while pointing a camera over their shoulders.

Aside from that it was now week two of the season and already I was picking up trends.

The one I’d spotted was when I write a report on a team, we lose. If I don’t write a report, we win.

When I checked my phone at the end of the game our 5-0 win in the cup over Alfold the week before had not translated into a good league result. A 3-1 defeat to East Grinstead. So much for my analysis saying they were beatable.

Into stage one of recovery we go.

Lesson learned: Cameras are no substitute for being able to do this on sight.

Ramsgate v Hastings United
Saturday 28 August 2021
Score: 3-2