Back (three) at Sevenoaks

I didn’t fancy a trip to Carshalton to see East Grinstead. So back to Sevenoaks I went.

I’d been taught getting to the game early is a pre-requisite for a good scout.

Reason No 347 why you shouldn’t depend purely on a camera: Bad light meant much of the first half played out as a dream sequence…

The reasons are obvious really. Things like getting a seat, going through the team sheet, making sure you have everything. But also, to get an early look at players, and how they warm up, their attitude, work rate.

Which I agree with completely. But when the rondos begin, I find myself staring blankly.

Then just as I was thinking this, I noticed Sevenoaks warming up their defenders as a back five – the three centre backs and two wing backs. So an early tip off, even if I knew they played a back three.

The game had a few highlights, and not just being buzzed by a Spitfire.

Sevenoaks Town have good players. I’ve mentioned Collins upfront, but also Max Walsh and Charlie Holmes in the center. They lack height, but at least today that made them too short to be struck by the lightning storm that passed overhead.

Lacking height, the Sevenoaks players were safe from the passing electrical storm

There was also a booking. I didn’t think refs bothered pre-season, but a name went into what I imagine was a pristine notebook, cellophane now removed, ruining the first page.

Best player: The 6-year-old child of someone attached to Sevenoaks, who ran around the pitch at half time hitting top bins with 15-yard shots.

Sevenoaks v South Park
Saturday 31 July 2021
Score: Home win